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Android pie update on s8

(Topic created on: 03-10-2019 04:51 PM)
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Galaxy S
I have various issues with the new update

• My battery seems to draining faster than it did before the update. 

• The option of removing the navigation bar and pulling it up whenever I wanted to was very convenient. With this option gone the point of showing apps on "full screen" is defeated.

• Bixby is absolutely pointless and doesn't do as much claimed. Probably because of region differences. But overall my phone would do better without Bixby. 

• Visually, the icons are just unappealing, it looks like the icons are from the oldest android version. 

• The edge lighting is removed from the Samsung Music App which I really liked.

Visually, I've had an absolute bad response because the older version looked way better.
Hopefully some changes are made. 

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About the battery try to optimaize your phone by closing the most battery usage applications and like the Wife,Bluetooth, NFC...etc"if not needed"