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(Topic created on: 09-13-2021 02:29 PM)
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As ive been an avid fan of samsung... but this time they are a big no for me... ive buy a samsung watch just a few months ago... and suddenly it totally shut down... could not turn it on... and ive seen that the back cover is loose... as ive been very careful for my thing... i didnt even use it for any water activity even i know its a water resistant...thereis some scratches i admit that... i just use it on a daily basis just like an ordinary watch...  so when i brought it to the service center im telling them the issue... as the back cover is loooossseeee but they told me they will check... so after few days they called me... and said that its damage... (asking as if i damage it intentionally) if i bring ot to other shop... fyi... its under warranty how im the world i will spend some money for repair for other shop... as i know it should  be free of charge coz of warranty... so in the end they told me that it would not be cover of the warranty and if i want to repair it,  i will pay more than half of the price on how much i bought it... so better to throw it out and just buy an ordinary watch...