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So i have galaxy active 2 smartwatch. Today i got a notification for update of it. But then it shows inadequate storage. So i tried to clean up some space. I deleted unnecessary watches faces. Deleted all my audio. Changed my pictures limit to 20. Bu...
MY Samsung galaxy Active 2 band is turning green on the edges. Can anyone explain why is this happening?...
I have a 45 watt charger for my Samsung Note 10 plus. But still it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to get fully charged from 0 to 100.
When i lock my phone(Samsung Note 10 plus) with the power key and again in a second try to unlock the phone with the power it take 3-4 seconds to process and it doesn't shows the lock screen wallpaper, it shows a black screen with time and fingerprin...
If a buy active 2 from US will it work in india and have international warranty?