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Since we are on the topic of suggestions let me leave my customer service experience here.A battery drop issue on my Note 8. Goes from 30% to 0% in under 3 minutes even if you plug in the charger.First time support team picked up the phone from my ho...
Anyone firgured out a way to fix the low call volume post pie update?Im sick of talking on loudspeaker.
Slightly long post, I will try to keep it entertaining So my Note 8 battery seems to play this game. When its down to 15% battery it drops like crazy.Here's what i mean. Keep an eye on battery % and time.9% drop in 4 minutes.. wait it gets crazier.....
Anyone else noticed low in call volume after the pie update?When outdoors i can barely hear anything 
Hey members,Something weird happened with my Note 8 today.I make a call and put down my phone. After a while I noticed the screen was off.The buttons were not responsive. I cant even pull the battery out.Then I had to do a battery pull replication (i...