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Anyone firgured out a way to fix the low call volume post pie update?Im sick of talking on loudspeaker.
Slightly long post, I will try to keep it entertaining 😉So my Note 8 battery seems to play this game. When its down to 15% battery it drops like crazy.Here's what i mean. Keep an eye on battery % and time.9% drop in 4 minutes.. wait it gets crazier....
Anyone else noticed low in call volume after the pie update?When outdoors i can barely hear anything 😐
Hey members,Something weird happened with my Note 8 today.I make a call and put down my phone. After a while I noticed the screen was off.The buttons were not responsive. I cant even pull the battery out.Then I had to do a battery pull replication (i...
I know most of you think that not much has changed in S10 over S9.But smartphones are so far ahead that there is only so much room for improvement.The specs are bumped up as expected. There is also a 12gb/1tb model if you fancy the numbers.What's new...