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Finally Got the update with oneui3.1 and feb security patch1932.15MB
I think buying the M series phones at the price of 20k and 24k is a very bad decision. Even in high end M series phones Samsung doesn't provide some basic features like..1. SCREEN RECORDER 2. CARRIER AGGREGATION 3. CLIPBOARD IN KEYBOARD ETCthese are ...
Dear Samsung teamI know there must be some problem or you are still working on Android 11 update for this device and we hope you will give the update ASAP but atleast give the security patch update as the last security patch update was November and i...
Dear Samsung If you are already delaying the update for M31s and m51 as these two devices are only left for the update in M series then please give us some surprise with the update As it is said "Sabar ka fal mitha hota hai" please make it true.
Dear Samsung team,As we all know Good lock is not supported in M series devices. Soo i request to Samsung team to Please enable the support of Good Lock in M series smart phones. The M series phones which hasn't received the One UI 3.0 update like M3...