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I am currently using Galaxy S10 and I m thinking to buy Galaxy S20+ as it is currently available at just ₹49,999. Need genuine reviews who used this device. Is it worth it?
Google released Android 11 couple of weeks ago which doesn't bring any drastic or visual change but a more refined and refreshed version of Android 10. It enhanced security related to permission requirements by apps and some minor tweaks to notificat...
Hey S10 users, did anyone get YouTube search functionality within Samsung keyboard after recent UI 2.5 update. Comment must
I can't find YouTube search functionality within the keyboard app. Also a button to switch keyboard is also gone after update. Has anyone got it?
After updating my S10 to UI 2.5 received today, i noticed accidental touch vibration feedback which is kind of annoying. Other than everything is fine. Has anyone else noticed it?