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Hey everyone, I just recently updated my S20+ 5G to OneUI 3.1 but Google Discover feed is absent. Instead, the only option is Samsung Free. Is there a fix for this? 
Is anyone facing battery drain and overheating problems while using YouTube? If there is a solution to fixing the above problem, please do help me out! I'm using the S20+ 5G.
Hey everyone,I don't know if its just me or if this problem is faced by many people but for me with the recent OneUI 3.0 update for my S20+ 5G; whenever I use YouTube for a short period of time the battery drains very quickly and the back of the devi...
Hey everyone,I have a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (Exynos) and I am facing some problems. I've written about this before but the problems still persist. After the OneUI 3.0 update, the battery drains for the most basic tasks and sometimes the phone heats ...
Hey everyone,I have a Galaxy S20+ 5G with the Exynos chip and I'm facing battery drain problems. With the recent OneUI 3.0 update, the first week was fine but then the very next day, for whatever I was using the phone for, the battery percentage woul...