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Hello bhaiyo and unki behno. Jin sbko bhi samsung ka apparently new feature 'alt z life' chahiye tell me one thing, have you ever used secure folder in your life? Bhai agr kiya hota to ye na kehte 'ohh wow such a great new feature by samsung. Its so ...
Its a f@ke id made just to advertise some f@ke links one after the other. Dont click on it please it may be a phishing link or a scam and report the comments as advertisement. You can visit the profile for your reference ...... roshini96 is the profi...
https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/06/30/nearby-sharing-androids-airdrop-competitor-is-rolling-out-now-in-beta/ Finally a cool new feature is coming 🀩🀩
Hi folks, go update Samsung positioning app in galaxy store! This one is from A50 ✌