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Best smart watch?

(Topic created on: 06-19-2022 11:03 AM)
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Which smart watch would you recommend? I'm using a galaxy note 10 plus, with a galaxy watch 3. I have used Apple watch series 4 before, and it was the best experience i had. Unfortunately, it does not work with a Samsung phone, so I switched to the galaxy watch 3, and I have to say, it is the worst experience to have. It is so laggy, slow and sometimes unresponsive. Despite using it with a galaxy phone, its syncing is really bad, especially when you compare it to the apple watch + iPhone. Alarms ring on the phone way before the galaxy watch, bixby takes ages to wake on the watch and when it does it takes ages to process what you said until it just fails and asks you to try again, Always-ON Display fails a lot, and I have to wake up my watch by tapping the screen or pressing a button (declines the goal of AOD, doesn't it?). Overall, it is a very bad experience, and I need a new smart watch. So, what do recommend? Is the new Huawei a good option? What about Google's? Fitbit? Garmin? Or I'm afraid to ask, the new Galaxy watch 4 or 5?
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