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S22 ultra Connectivity issues when coming home after using a different sim abroad.

(Topic created on: 01-26-2023 03:55 PM)
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Galaxy S

I'm having issues with my S22 Ultra after going abroad to turkey and using a Turk Telecom SIM card there. Everything worked fine until I came back to my home country (Morocco) and changed the sim card to my home country one (Maroc Telecom), then I started having connectivity issues where network will often drop out and even when it's back it's very bad, call quality is bad and people aren't able to hear me through calls as my voice would break or even cut altogether. Internet is also very bad, it rarely connects to 4G/LTE and even on 3G it barely loads anything. Sometimes it works again but it's so unreliable.

I tried that same SIM card in a different phone and it works normally, especially as I have a strong network signal at home, so I'm sure the issue has nothing to do with the SIM card.

I also tried resetting network settings and several other stuff that I read online but nothing helped. 

I'm hopping someone has went through this issue and figured out a solution or has any suggestion for me. 

Thank you.