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READINGAPPSOne Hand Operation + update temporarily removes ‘Circle to Search’ fe

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Samsung recently released a new update for One Hand Operation + Good Lock modules with version 6.9.21, which introduced a Circle to Search action for the Galaxy S24 series along with several other features. However, the company has deleted this feature by releasing a new update to provide a better performance.

According to the community moderator, the One Hand Operation + team discovered a technical issue with the feature’s gesture activation soon after the update. To address this, a new update to version 6.9.23 promptly issued, which removed the “Circle to Search” feature to maintain the app’s performance.The team apologizes for the inconvenience caused by these updates and assures users that they are committed to delivering a high-quality experience. They are working to resolve the issue and may reintroduce the feature in a future update once it meets their standards for functionality and reliability.

You can check the latest update through Galaxy Store >> Menu option >>> Updates.