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Goodbye S22 ULTRA πŸ‘‹ goodbye Android

(Topic created on: 04-09-2022 02:10 AM)
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I have been an android user for more than 9 years, and I'm going to leave because of the bad deal with this device. I had enough with everything on it. I bought s22 ultra 10 days ago, and I wasn't happy from the first day for many reasons:
1- I have a big issue with VoLTE. Apple and Huawei both have this feature from the same service provider, and when I raised a concern about it, they couldn't give a clear answer, they just said call your service provider! I called so many people about this concern and nobody could help.

2- who said the screen is great? , to be honest, it's really good, but not like the iPhone 13 pro max. The screen has a real issue with the brightness. It looks dark when you compare to iphone side by side, even if the extra brightness is on. MaxTech on YouTube can confirm this issue also!!

3- bad performance on exynos 2200, it gets really hot, sometimes I don't feel safe with it.

4- what's wrong with the speakers? they sound like they are shaking, there is an issue with them. I'm sure. Again, MaxTech on YouTube can confirm what I'm saying!!!!

5- The camera is always over sharpening, please samsung enough, stop this! Keep it real , learn from iPhone and Huawei

6- bad customer service, really bad.

What I like about this phone?- The screen size - S pen- the battery is very good

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You will be back soon
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My last Samsung Phone was Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and currently I’m using Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and I agree with all your points. Me too I will never go back to Samsung Phones again due to Exynos poor performance, heating problem, poor camera performance and battery life. iPhone comes with the best screen, camera, processor, battery, memory management and software optimization.
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I bought S22 Ultra Snapdragon Version. I've been using Galaxy series since Galaxy S1 came out. I use iPhone 13 Pro max as my secondary phone. IOS can't replace Android if android is your main phone
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In a very short reply !!

1- what's ur problem with VoLTE , i always have it and nothing wrong .

2- Man, u r totally under the influence of this MaxTech , a lot of other youtubers admit S22 ultra is the best in every single way compared to iphone13 pro max . Talking about the snapdragon version.
3- iphone13 pro max screen !!! Hahahaahha , i mean seriously!!? Do u even know who's the producer of all the iphones screens all over the world !!! Wake up buddy !!! It's SAMSUNG.
4- Speakers!! Check the quality on Dxomark or gsmarena , i do believe all of those just a numbers though , but definitely definitely your ears won't recognise the very very quality difference if it's there actually!!
5-Camera!!! Check my post for S22ultra moonlight, and see how Samsung worked on their camera to catch the moon surface πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€. Or check any youtube channel.

Android vs IOS ...SERIOUSLY??? Let others answer u this . Goodbye mate