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S23 camera auto optimisation should stop

(Topic created on: 11-22-2023 12:10 AM)
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I just bought S23 ultra.
When i take pictures in 200 mp or 50 mp, phone is taking around 3 -4 seconds before it saves. During this 4 seconds, the camera is completely changing the full appearance of the picture by increasing the saturation and adjusting the brightness. 

The real problem is, the automatic adjustment with artificial intelligence is not great as i want. I want my pictures as i take it. All s23 is doing auto adjustment to all the photos taken by cam in 200 mp or 50 mp. (Checked and confirmed with demo phones in shop)
You can see this yourself. Follow the step.
1. Open cam and choose 200 mp 
2. Take a picture
3. You can see the picture you took 



on your lower let side. Click it as soon as possible.
4. Look and wait for 3 or 4 seconds by looking at the picture.

After 4 seconds you can see the picture is changing like someone adjusted the brightness and saturation. 

The real problem is my first picture that i took is far better than the refined picture. I do not want automatic adjustment of my picture. If i want i will do it manually. 

So pls find a way to turn off this auto adjustment. It may be great for many people who dont know how to take a photo. But its definitely not helping me. So pls help to keep my picture as i take. And i believe i have the right to keep my pics untouched.

Iam adding my two pictures. The second pic is the one that i click. And the 1st picture is the one that appeared on the gallary. It looks similar but if you look close you will see the massive change in saturation and brightness and contrast. (I took a screenshot before saving it automatically). 
Both are same pictures. One before saving and one after saving. (Saving happens in 4 seconds).
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I hope someone will find a way to turn it off. I cant wait.....
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Good morning

The solution to this is easy and simple. Follow this short and I hope it helped you

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The camera adjusts the shooting options automatically depending on the surroundings.
On the shooting modes list, tap PHOTO and tap O to take a picture

Changing the resolution:
You can take high-resolution pictures.
In shooting options, tap 12M to change the resolution to the one you want, and take a

When taking high resolution images, the interval between shots may be longer compared to normal resolution images because an image with a larger number of pixels requires more time to process.

Please note: Image processing time may increase if you shoot multiple high-resolution images in succession.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra can take high-resolution images (up to 200 million pixels) with deep learning-based image processing technology.

So, during the processing time it is normal to see “Loading” displayed when shooting instantly or entering the gallery immediately after shooting.

Changing the image resolution will change the time needed to process the image.

How to change the image resolution
If you select 200MP or 50MP in the shooting options, you can take high-resolution photos.

200MP: 200 million pixels.
50MP: 50 million pixels.

Step 1. Open the Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

View of Cameras ratio and resolution icon.
Step 2. Tap the image ratio and resolution icon.

View of Cameras image ratio and resolution options.
Step 3. Select the ratio and resolution with the image size you want.

mage processing time may increase if you shoot multiple high-resolution images in succession
How to check the processing time of an image with the Camera
View of loading icon in Camera app.
After taking a photo, view the Loading icon, which shows the time taken to process the image.


How to check the processing time of an image with the Gallery
View of loading icon in Gallery app.
After taking a photo, open Gallery and view Loading icon, which shows the time taken to process the image and publish in Gallery.

For your reference, you can visit the link below:

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he is not asking for camera speed, he is asking for the image result after automatically processing, i am also facing the same issue and i was there on Samsung service center and same time i called agent as well both cannot able to provide me solution for this issue. Both said your device is ok the only issue is with Samsung software which occurs in all s23 box pieces as well. I am very disappointed now
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Check the sample before process and after auto process. Please advice 20231213_001121_1000387623_1702411973.jpg
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When I take a picture in 50 MP ( Samsung Galaxy S23 ) and I go to the gallery immediately ( bottom left corner ) I can see the picture BEFORE optimization, which is much BETTER ( not glossy, not blurry, more detailed ) than the optimized picture. some second and the AI modify the original picture into a worse way. I don't understand why I can't decide which picture I want. I don't like this optimization process because this damage the pictures. It is also true for the RAW pictures in pro mode. They are blurry not so sharp. The preview on the screen is much better than the picture taken.

I am very disappointed. I think it is only a software problem and the next updates will solve it. It would be better if I could turn off this automated modding/enhancing function after taking pictures at high resolution.


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I am using S23 plus device now