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Hello, when I setup the Favourites count to "7 apps" it keeps going back to 5 in the app bar, but in the settings it is showing 7, this happens after the one ui update.Anyone facing similar issues with the Home Up? Any suggestions? Thanks 
Impressive battery life...amazing I wish that it will remains the same ....32% remaining 
My advice to everyone, don't buy this watch, I bought LTE version and since day first the rotating bezel not responding, I did a mistake because I waited for update I thought will solve the problem but finally went to Dubai service center after 14 da...
I have this great tab since more than one year, I tried many ways to get the keyboard cover with the mouse pad with will fit also tab s8 plus but couldn't find it at all in UAE...What a service and support offered by Samsung? Anyone knows where can I...
I went today to double check the watch 5 pro in Carrefour, Emax and Jumbo, unfortunately non of them have a real display unit of all samsung watches, I was informed that Samsung is not interested to sell any, despite all other brands like Apple, Huaw...