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My A20 is vibrating by itself every 10 minutes. I checked all the apps and seems none of those are giving up notifications. I can't seem to figure out the issue.
So long least the notification told me that there is a system update available. Pheww! After a long time. Received the new system update at last. Thanks to Devs. At least they sent it or else who knows.
Why is the ' Don't pop-up notifications' option grayed out? Does anyone have the answer?
The Galaxy A20s and even its successirs received the Android 10 update. Except my A205F hasn't received it. It's going to be one year after few more months since the release of the Android 10 update. Please devs.....😭😞
When is the android 10 update coming for A20. Because of the isolation these days, I'm pretty much tired with this old ui experience.