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this is a nice slim fit armour rubber case or s8 on amazon worth INR 999.selling for 599 as bought s view case.delhi only may contact - 9555558559
Is it bad to use s8 naked and without screen protector? Bad for screen?
Any suggestions for a case friendly tempered glass for s8/ s8+ with no bubble/ rainbow effect. I am from India!
For me 0-100% in power off mode using original fast adapter and fast charge enabled takes my S8 roughly 115 mins. Samsung suggested 150 mins as normal. Please share yours.
Hello ,I am from India.Takes me roughly 1hr 50 mins to charge my S8 from 0-100 not using it while charge & using original adapter and cable. Is this normal or slow? I am worried, please help. :(Also it takes around 10 mins to turn led to green even o...