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Samsung S series fans want to see Snapdragon 8gen 4 on s25, s25+ and s25 ultra in every region. Samsung plz, I requesting to you don't make processor . S22 with 8gen 1 then s24 with Exynos 2400
Boycott Exynos processor for S25 Series. Samsung should give Snapdragon 8gen 4 (for Galaxy) for every region. Don't see Exynos in future with S series flagship phones otherwise we boycott Samsung S series phones
3x portrait mode give blurry pictures Device: Galaxy S22. Samsung should solve this problem as soon as possible 懶
Samsung s22 gives blurry and useless pictures in 3x portrait mode. I'm using this phone 1 year but now I'm facing this camera issue 
My S22 works very slow. Anyone face this issue???