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Is anyone else experiencing this new thing in theme park where when you try to change the icons it says it needs to apply system theme first and changes to default icons?This is so problematic as It is an extra step just to change the icons. Plus sin...
Anybody else experiencing crazy drain after the newest update for s23 ultra?? Even of the phone is on for a few minutes it drains a lot she this was never an issuebefore the update..
I had previously made a post regarding the object eraser issue. As of today samsung released an update and fixed it with the option to turn off the magnetic lasso. Turning off magnetic lasso is important to keep the area you have selected rather than...
Anybody else's object eraser tool Not working after the one ui 6.1 update ? After drawing around the area you wanna erase it ignores that and selects only a small tiny area which renders this ffeature useless. I have an s23 ultra. 
If you're having the same issue as I did where your phone would change to warm tones at a certain time uninstall the themes that you might have downloadedfrom the galaxy store. After 5 trips to the Samsung service centre they finally caught that it w...