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After November security patch a70 Fingerprint sensor not register and network signals are too poor please Samsung do something for a70 next update and provide us latest security patch with 2.0 one ui android 10 for a70
Anyone get june update s9 plus in India
A70 have in display Fingerprint sensor has so slow and Not Accurate as well and also face recognition are not secure as well whenever you try with eyes closed phone will unlock immediately please samsung make secure biometric lokck as soon as possibl...
Dear Samsung Kindly give Second sim VoLTE support for note 8 i have so many times wrote in past but from you not reply at all Kindly tell me if will you giving Dual sim VoLTE support or not if your answer is no than now i gonna unfortunately leave Sa...
Note 8 get April security Patch today only bugs fix update no Dual VoLTE sim support yet and no Intelligent iris scan only manipulate us why Samsung not here customer demand and desire we badly nees these features so many time write to community page...