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Samsung has been using a blur effect for multiple elements in One UI. Sadly, it is not being used to its fullest potential. My suggestion is to implement blur in more places like the widget backgrounds, notification backgrounds, option pop-ups, etc.I...
As you can see above, in the notification settings for an app, the border depicting the status of the notification types (lockscreen, popup and badge) is blue, regardless of the material you color scheme currently in use system wide. This looks jarri...
Samsung devices give you the option to use the camera while you use the phone to prevent the screen turning off while you're looking at it. I would like them to take this concept one step further and apply it to auto rotation. How many times does it ...
In the gallery app, the user has the choice to copy, select all or share. Please include an option to web search, since it's another highly useful option for users who are looking to get more information on things they have taken photos of.
It was previously announced that Samsung messages will work with Google to implement RCS, which it has for some operators. On Jio though, it doesn't work, as can be seen on Samsung members. It seemingly only works for Jio to Jio conversations. If it'...