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Hi,If you have updated your m30s to the October security updates, kindlyLeave a reply if you have noticed any bugs or if there are some improvements.Thanks
Send yours and we'll compare 🧐To check yoursGo in settingsConnections=>data usage
Mobile lags and hang....bad experience...Very very bad Samsung....2months no update.....😡Please update...Jis jis ko problem hai share karo Tabhi update mile ga nhi toh samsung wale site rahe ge 😀
Why Samsung is advertising that this phone has widevine L1 certificate?First they removed widevine L1 from m30s and now it definitely feels like that wasn't a bug but a marketing schemes, so that pervious user who were ripped off of this feature can ...
Will I ever be able to play hd content on on Full hd amoled display again, it's been more than 3 months since this issue surfaced after 2 updates it's still here. Feels like it's a brand strategy to make customers pay more for new device, thank you S...