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A50 के यूजर्स को घसियारा समझ के लतिया दिया गया है, ई लोग अब कोई अपडेट नहीं देगा। शीघ्र ही a50 ka नाम मंथली सिक्योरटी अपडेट की लिस्ट से भी हटा दिया जाएगा। क्युकी अब a50 वाले पुराने है चुके है कोई भाव नहीं देगा।
After last update of July, Battery performance of A50 has gone down. Though, UI is super smooth now but at the cost of extensive battery usage. How to improve battery performance?
Can anyone tell what bugs have been fixed in A50 in march security patch?
Samsung has already confirmed that A50 will get update till 1st week of April. Then, why the folks here are crying and cursing Samsung for Nothing?Recently A50s recieved the update with some major bugs like Battery draining and face recognition. Do y...


Samsung please, don't give us January update. Instead give Android 10 with February security patch in February. 🤭