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Swipe up on fingerprint sensor doesn't open Samsung Pay on main screen aft ui 2.0 update on my note 9. I have enabled it in motion & gestures setting. Also samsung pay is activated. It used to work flawlessly in android 9. But after android 10 update...
I need download link for GCAM for Note 9 exynos android 10 compatible. If anyone has it, pls share.
Note 9 on Pie : Ringtone sound coming from both top n bottom speaker. While on call on loudspeaker, other person voice coming from both top n bottom speakers. Note 9 on Android 10 : Ringtone sound coming from only bottom speaker. While on call on lou...
Adaptive Brightness not working in proper manner after upgrading to Android 10 on note 9. If we keep it ON, Brightness changes automatically even if there in no change in surround light. If we keep adaptive brightness OFF, in that case also Brightnes...
Vibration on back panel in note 9 while playing media. Is it normal? Anyone facing this issue. All vibration settings OFF in my note 9.