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بارشیں یوں اچانک ہوئیں۔۔ تو لگا تم شہر میں ہو۔۔ شام پھر خوبصورت ہوئی تو لگا تم شہر میں ہو۔۔
The Shrine is called the place where the tomb of a righteous man or his family is buried.  This is the Tomb of "Hazrat Bahaudin Zakriya"
Isn't it seems A Beautiful sunset? Isn't it looks Very much Beautiful? Isn't it An Amazing Sunset? Isn't it Feels like The World is going to sleep now? Wjat do yoh think?
Every flower have their Own Fragrance and Beauty. Nobody can Underestimate the Power of Nature. 
I'm not a Professional Photographer but I Capture the Ones that the Professional can be Capture only. - Malik Shahzad