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Just 2 weeks before, i got the display of my M52 replaced for free by samsung after it had pink lines and my trust for the brand was very high. But just 2 weeks later, today my phone is essentially paperweight as from the morning onwards it is not tu...
Ever since the latest update (january patch), the battery life has become noticeably worse. Earlier with my usage, i used to get around 9 - 10 hours of SOT, now with similar usage, i barely get around 8 hours. Is samsung purposefully making the batte...
After the latest update (August security patch), HDR is not working on YouTube in my M52. Does anybody else have this problem?
I recently purchased a M52 5g and the device has several pending software updates. Can i install all of them in quick succession or should i wait a bit after each update for it to settle in?. Also if you've got a M52, is there any major bug with the ...