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I have noticed that my S8 battery drains faster than usual, anyone experiencing the same problem? I think it's a software issue.
I have noticed a major security flaw in my S8 when you using Google Assistance. The phone is locked, then I say "OK Google", the phone unlocks itself and bypass the security code, Samsung needs to fix this as soon as possible. I called Samsung they s...
Rumors Say: Samsung been working on its own operating system for some time now, that is the reason why Google did hurry up and designed it's own mobile from A to Z, knowing the fact that Samsung will stop using Android soon. I think after the Note7 r...
Hello Samsung, I use my Samsung S7 as a dual Sim phone, the problem I am facing is, You only released S7 with 32gb, so I either use one sim card + SD card OR dual sim, Apple released a 256 memory as an answer for the SD ca...
I have been a user of Samsung mobiles since Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung went through a lot! I opened this subject to see what Samsung needs to do to improve its mobile products. my thoughts are:1| Design: lately Samsung design improved a lot comparing...