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Everything was smooth after the Pie update yesterday till I opened up the camera app. To my surprise they have literally ruined the camera app and removed hell loads of features that was available in Oreo in S8. Why do people at Samsung have to ruin ...
When S3 Frontier get the update in India ?
I have a question to those who have updated their S8 using Pie Beta. Plz can you tell us whether Dual Volte feature has been provided or not.
Just a request to all those begging for One UI beta update. Once you receive the update, there is bound to be some bugs, that time please dont spam the community and start the hate samsung trend. Beta updates are released to ensure that the actual so...
m using s8. after the September patch update am not able to move images out from the gallery in secure folder to the normal gallery. previously moving the images out from the secure folder was possible. now I cant move it out without having to uninst...