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Check software update in your phone it got a software update around 43 MB with March security patch
One ui v1.1 looks more polished than one ui v1.0 with features like digital wellbeing.Even it is much smoother than v1.0. Will Samsung give one ui v1.1 to s8 and note8 ???
When brightness is around 60% it is lightly greyish where as when it is in 80% brightness it is fully dark. Is this issue only for me or for anyone. Pls check and inform me.Check by fully swiping down the notification panel and then check 😐😐😐
After enabling guestures with the default keyboard there is a black space at the bottom for me. Is this issue there for anyone else ???
After updating s8 to one ui its guestures are a bit choppy when going to recent apps. Did anyone face the same issue ???