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Currently using Note 10+, i was actually able to stream at 1080p on amazon prime, but suddenly i was not able to stream at 1080p, had some troubleshooting with Chat persons from Amazon India and UK, but nothing helped, there is no network issue, but ...
When i ever i close an app via swiping up from the centre that is going directly to home screen, the screen homescreen flickers 5 times out 10 times i do it flickers, had this issue in One UI beta too, that's why i left beta and switched back to pie ...
Icons on the homescreen are randomly disappearing, and have to be set back again, tried restarting but that didn't help, the screen on time has reduced as compared to Pie Os.
Some times screen turns off, showing a green colour edge lightning that too very faint in colour, and after that if you try to turn the screen on by double tapping or pressing the power button the screen doesn't respond for next few seconds.Wasn't ab...
Autofill Services with Google are misding, please add them, Only Samsung pass is available.