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S22 ultra touch screen problem

(Topic created on: 04-25-2022 06:32 PM)
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Galaxy S
Never ever buy pakistan made Samsung Phone. Paid Rs. 250K for Galaxy S22 Ultra. Touch Panel was not working from right side. Given for replacement. Received new phone. Still having same issue. I really don't know that how come they can give permission to manufacture flagship phones in Pakistan!!!!! They're being shipped with damaged touch panels, no quality control at all. Vietnam made Samsung phones were best and never had any issues with them. I swear to God that they must stop manufacturing in pakistan. It's being made by some third class company who doesn't expertise in mobile manufacturing.

Watch touchscreen problem video here

Galaxy S
Facing similar issue
Happens hardly once or twice in a day
Went to Peshawar center but they said kindly replicate the issue infront of us
But sadly it occurs randomly
He said it can be a software glitch .
Hope so this gets fixed as its the only thing which disappoints me
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Galaxy S
I am facing the same , the frequency reduced after disablin g Google feed to the left of home screen and double tap to lock option. Try this