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Leaving samsung for ever.

(Topic created on: 07-20-2022 03:24 AM)
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Galaxy S
I have been using samsung note /S series from the last 10 years and now its time to say good buy as there is no significant change in the battery department as well as in software optimizations. 
Spending so much money and not getting any significant change in battery charging speeds and battery performance . Phone gets heated all the time.. they are makin people fool by upgrading 108MP image sensor which in my opinion is again a gimic. Me as a user want to see big changes like fluent software experience, quick batter charging speeds, atleast enough battery which lasts long atleast a whole complete day, over saturated camera results. 
I m leaving samsung with heavy heart as i was a loyel customer and never wanted to leave this platform. After note 20 i waited for a better change but inspite of pissitive changes it getting even worse as in pakistan there is a big problem with s22 ultra of screen touch and other issues.
I might use samsung again but not in near future🙄
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Good for you
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Galaxy S
Ok bro lekan samsung ko chornay ke bad pir ipone p switch kro gain kyu andriod main samsung se best or koi brand nahe hai or brand use kr ke apko pata chalay ga. Wish u all the best.