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No major changes. Just created hype. Nothing so attractive in this version. 
Its 30th of May but still no sign of update. Such a lazy after sales  services. They have no respect for their customers. They only care for money. 
My samsung M31s is charging slow over its original charger. For example, if it says "1 hours 40min till full" after one hour of charging (without usage) it will still show another 1 hour left until full.
Assalam o alaikum. I have run into a problem. I have samsung galaxy A20. Everything was working fine till yesterday. Now it is not turning on and when put on charging shows a sign that I've attached with this msg. I have tried pressing and holding po...
My A20's battery fall from 35% to 0%in just under a minute. Any suggestions?  Should i be really taking it to customer care centre for check up? Its been a year. I know battery depreciates over time but its shockingly so quick