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Even after beta 6 same sluggishness no improvement in any aspects even there is more sluggishness then before with this beta, seriously samsung i know u are bad with software but this time u are pathetic
Delayed calls: for example when someone calls, name or number shows delayed on our screen who is calling, everybody is complaining that why u picking up phone so late, fix the bug
Samsung releases the beta 4 at morning with loads of bugs and no improvement, now at afternoon releases hotfix update for beta 4 which is of bo use, same buggy laggy OS
Still Laggy UI, still battery drain, still sluggishness, still pixelated display; i just wana say to samsung that what the f**k going on, where is improvement?, pushing beta update with just 100 - 200 mb, can u justify how you push improvements in th...
One of my important message missed due to your bug of not receiving sms notification, i can sue samsung for this, this is the last warning to fix that bug, again and again people are complaining, last and final warning to you