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Kata hari A50 ekat android 10 update ekak awd.....??
Meke thiyn widiht apps walt background eke thiyn wallpaper eke blur wela thiyenw wage pennanne mona ui eke da...one ui 2.0 / one 2.1 da....🙄
Store says...it have update....but when I'm trying update store using mobile data it's didn't updated.....any1 faced this problem...?Edit..: there are no any issue with mobile network
Winner :- OnePlus 7T But why...?🤔SCREEN ; OnePlus 7T display is oled display with 90hz with DCI-p3 100% & HDR 10+ but s10 lite coming with regular 60hz & hdr 10+ CAMERA; OnePlus 7T coming with telephoto lens so it's zooming performance better than s...
What will happen for samsung Galaxy z flip....