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My Galaxy A50 Gmail and Samsung Email apps are not working.When I open the apps, the apps close and message [Gmail keeps stoping].I have done (clear cache, clear data, uninstalled and reinstalled again apps) but the problems has not solved.
There is no option for call recording in Galaxy A50 and also third-party call recording softwares are not working.PLEASE HELP MEHOW TO RECORD CALL?
My Galaxy A50 128GB/4GB RAM has cellular data 3G/4G signal catching problem.Even when there is a Strong 3G/4G signal it always works on 2G/E while  I am using cellular data, the only way to receive 3G/4G signal to restart phone and it works for some ...
My Samsung Galaxy A50 128GB/4GB RAM Vietnam has network problem,Mobile data is always E/2G and never goes to 3G or 4G, I check 4 different network SIMs.AUTO LTE 4G/3G/2G/GSM MODEWhenever My A50 is in strong 3G/4G signal coverage it working  E/2g,  ne...