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Hi. I have been complaining about this for very long. 4g speeds are ridiculuosly low. Network drops when in 4g and freezes. I have tried everything you have asked. Replced sim card. Network reset. Hard reset. I went to the service center and they acc...
This problem is not resolved and has been here for 4 months now. Anyone found a solution? Also even the 3g network stops working sometimes
A50 battery charging time increased Battery doesnt last long like it ised to eitherPlease fix this
4g connection keeps freezing and very slow. The place has perfect signal kn other phones. The device is faulty? Even the most recent update (4.3 mb) doesnt fix the problem
The lTE speeds are slower than 3g . But fast only when its on full signal strngth. even 4 bars is very slow