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Did anyone else have the same issue?Did the update this morning and every contact from approximately the last 3 months has been deleted.Disaster.
On my note 10..How do I add certain contacts to allow them to be able to call me and the phone ring loud regardless if my phone is set to silent?For example, I'd like certain vips to call me anytime day or night and the phone should still ring even o...
Does the note 10 (small one) have a heart rate sensor? I cannot seem to find it in S health. 
I've had the device one day and the battery is concerning.It's released from its charge in the morning at 7am and by now (2pm) it's almost dead (9%).Attached is data referencing the use from today. Is this normal that the battery drains so fast with ...
Tried to connect the new phone to the gear but it's just not recognising it. Nothing is changing in the phone.