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If you ever used imessages, you know how good it is. They can send messages over a data connection without carrier charges (which means FREE MESSAGING!), they can be sent from a computer, etc. But this features was only available to iphones only.So w...
We all know about screenshots right? But samsung has features when it comes for screen shots, and a lot you may don't know it at all, so let's talk about it.Screenshotting can be done by pressing power button + volume up button quickly (not holding i...
Mobile gaming is an interesting topic these days, so let's talk about it! I'm gonna share some tips and tricks to play games better on galaxy phones!•1st tip:If you're playing games all the time, the first tip of all is to setbutton navigation instea...
In case you didn't know, there is a way to customize your call screen/ background in your Samsung phone!Here are the steps.1. Open the Phone app2. Go to settings3. Call backgroundHere, you can choose different background for each SIMs (if you're usin...
Android 12 update for Samsung Galaxy M12 was supposed to arrive in July, and yet the month is almost over!Even my dad's A12 got Android 12, but why not M12?When will I get Android 12 on my Galaxy M12?