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Samsung must provide more functionalities for google maps for Bixby. Currently Bixby can just open the maps app and do nothing else like searching nearby or to set routes.
One earpiece side of AKG earphone(which comes with the mobile phone Box given by Samsung for S8+) does not work properly. It works for sometime when I press the jack rubber coating part(that is the part where the headphone jack and wire are joined).M...
After a long time Bixby was launched in India. But it still needs improvements in--Understanding Indian Names- Understanding difference between "maa" and "my" "maa" is used to for mother in various languages.overall experience is good.... but it tak...
what is the warranty of Samsung s8+ clear view standing cover?its around 2-3 months old....
Would S8+ get "Screen off memo" feature after launch of Note 8 ? Because it would be a good feature for large screen for s8+Also S-Pen for S8+ extra add on accessory would also be nice with suitable cover case for keeping s-pen