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So as we all know about corona virus which is spreading very quickly and has already spread over world. Aarogya setu is an app provided by government. For more information check out on play store.Stay home, stay safe!!💯
Photography #withGalaxy 🕶💥1. 🌈SUNSHINE2. Flying peagons💓3. Architectural framework📸4. Water droplet on leaf😍5. High level FRAME🕶💯6. Droplets💥 (Zoom it!!)7. Macro shot⚡8. Full frame shot👑👓9. Sky💓😍10. Game of REFLECTION📸💯🔥धन्यवाद!! Than...
#1: SUNSHINE💓#2: NATURE🍻#3: SUNSET😍#4: SEA😇#5: SUNSET with SEA & MOON♥️💯📸धन्यवाद!!Thanks for watching. Comment below if you have any suggestions.Photography #withGalaxy📸🍻
📸SAMSUNG♥️J7 PRO📸#1: Dog#2: Day time Sunshine#3: Morning Flower#4: Sunset with Flower #5: The Metro bridge धन्यवाद!!♥️💯Thanks for watching. Please review these photos and comment below to know your opinion about the clicks.😇Photography #withGalax...
Here's the clicks of J7 PRO🔥You will like it.😇@COPYRIGHT⚡धन्यवाद!! ♥️💯Thanks for watching!! Give your reviews to make me correct.