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Hi Sam,I think some day our phones back will be full of camera's like the below screen shot.I do not know how much we can push, can't that be bought to one or max two?Sam, "Think different Do different"πŸ’’Let me know if you want some suggestions, I ca...
Hi Sam,This app is nice, thank you and ur team for providing this, Bravo! Team for this nice appNow i have some good animation in home screen.Kibdly find the sxreen shot below, will shortly get it in good lock and enjoy ur day!Thanks for watching thi...
Dear Sam,Thank you for this Pentastic app, guys nice one of note spen users.Watch the screen shot below and enjoy urselfVersion oneui 2.5 will be as below,This is UI version 2.1Thank u folks
Dear folks,There is one new update, go check it in My files, I think with this u can control n/w storage.Thanks
Dear Samy, I am Happy with the updateThank you and your team for cooking this one.