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Hello,after updating Samsung a70 there are many problems occurring like battery draining, heating, low sounds, camera so I ask to developers that are u giving the update for smooth for mobile or full with so many problems, I think u solves it as soon...
Hello admin/developers Very poor activity by u and your team to all the usser of A50 and A70 because there are no guidelines that what u want.as per your guidance android 10 provides in a50s,a50,a70 in April then why u provide it before 02 months in ...
Hello developers can u read all the reviews about fingure print issue in Samsung A70,A50.why this type of problem issue by u after any update, can u given update to your device for distributing or given such type of problem.If u know all issue then o...
After updates nov,19 I wants to registrar my figure again after removing it but I am not able to register it after 41% it stop ,I will try it aprox 5 times but nothing is happened. What will wrong pl help.
Hello developers as u provide new updates of Nov in the last of December can u tell your coustmor that what type of foolish massage given by you.shiht on you.