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To get a new charging animation your device must support "Bixby Routines".After opening Bixby Routines 1. Add routines 2. Select Charging status in "IF" 3. Select Effects-> Edge lighting effect ( only 2 effects are available ) in "THEN"Like this...Se...
Through Good Lock's module called "Keys Cafe" you can make your own custom keyboard.You can customize Odinary keyboard, Symbol keyboard and your native language keyboard with this module. And you can make a Symbol emoji e.g. :) keyboard like this...S...
In Device Care about section this option is available. I updated it but nothing changed, so what it does?
Can someone explain me what is this feature and what's the use of it?**If I'm not wrong this feature isn't available in India.
As Galaxy A51 got the One Ui 3.0 update just 3 days ago in India, and now Samsung has announced that it will get One Ui 3.1also.So my question is how much time will it take to get that update in India? 1 month or more?