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Hello guys, does anyone from Srilanka has got the Pie update to their S8 series devices. Please leave a comment regarding what you think when Srilankans will get the update
Hi guys, I have an s8 which is roughly 13 months old. I have installed the November security patch.i was using the phone and the battery drop to 15 then suddenly, in less than a minute, the battery dropped rapidly to 4 %. 😟😟. Have you guys experien...
I have 7 months old s8. After the May update,my phone heats up. Do your phones too heat up,because this is the first time my phone heats up like crazy.please post your insight and any solution to take to prevent heating. Thank you
Guys have u noticed any bugs or malfunctions you have noticed after u have updated to official Oreo. Please write it here....we must let Samsung know that we have problem...CHEERS GUYS