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S23 ultra battery drain

(Topic created on: 12-06-2023 10:58 AM)
Beginner Level 4
Galaxy S
My s23 ultra is draining battery, i have the protect battery feature on at 85%. With a screen time of 2.5 hours, it gives 20-22 hours, is that fine?

Adaptive battery is on

Its on 120hz 

On youtube people claiming 48 hours 2 days

Also battery percentage drops 10% in an hour, and in night from 85 to 75 while sleeping

Is this normal?

Also give me tips
Active Level 10
Galaxy S
Restart your phone in safe mode and run for 2 days at least. Let me know the results then.
Active Level 7
Galaxy S
Also check..

If you have installed any App in past days before which the phone was working fine. Uninstall that app, especially gallery lock or Applock apps from non famous providers usually cause such faster battery drain.

Let me know if your phone is offical PTA or patch approved, or your phone was purchased from samsung or you have purchased kit from open market.
Galaxy S
My A33 5g was doing the same when i bought it and kept doing it i would say drop your battery percentage to 5% and then charge it to 100% Put the apps into deep sleep except the important apps and keep checking the battery graph of your phone whats draining and delete the app you don't use or you suspect that this ..... app is draining delete it immediately 🙂