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4 new devices introduced Galaxy Flip 5Galaxy Fold 5Galaxy watch 6Galaxy Tab S9 series 
 I faced many problems with my S21 plus but I still can't resist the Samsung 沈 I hope S23 ultra will not put me down like S21 plus
Hi all, I'm planning to move to Samsung S23 Ultra, so i want to know your user experience of S23 ultra.Is it good or not?Do you facings any issues recently?Is it better choose a IPhone 14 pro rather than S23 ultra ?Because I'm currently using Samsung...
My Samsung s21 plus's display appear a one small vertical pink line My didn't face any physical damage or drop It suddenly appeared Is there any any who facing same ??Can it fix without display replacement??
One ui 5 AKA android 13 is released for Samsung galaxy s21 seriesUpdate size 2gb With October security patch