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After an update in Galaxy M30s, network difficulty stared as well as a sluggish data speed issue. Another thing carrier aggregation is not enabled. That's so soo rubbish.
Is there Carrier aggregation available after update in M30s.??
Guys, see Galaxy A50 also support only LTE-A, while M30s also support as same than why Galaxy A50 support carrier aggregation that's very disappointed from Samsung.Support for it and passout more and more feedback to the Samsung and unlock it in next...
See the following screenshot its support LTE- A, so why should not enable Carrier aggregation by Samsung??? Boycott Samsung policy.
Carrier aggregation is a significant feature nowadays with accessed high-speed internet and better network experience, but unfortunately in Galaxy M30s. Wait for a long time but no enable it by Samsung, requested to Samsung as soon as possible eneble...