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i want to know that why s secure is not supported in Note and S series.. R&D department of Samsung india is not providing it to the toppest model of company.
Hey samsung.. If you really do care for your customers then kindly give app lock feature on note 8 too.. As inbuilt features are far better than third party apps.. If anyone press recent button they can see preview off locked apps with third party ap...
hey users of a5 2017 please let me know how is this phone.. i am planning to buy it.. but they are not available in market.. only online store have it.. so i would be very thankful to you if u help me with ur valuable help.. thanks in advance.. :)
If anyone have these phones please help me out between these two phones.. thanx in advance. :)
After recent update of december 820+ MB size.. we dnt get secure wifi vpn.. and once again samsung is back with its awesome battery consuming trick.. see attachment..