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during the night I usually charge the battery of my S7 flat equipped with clear view cover keeping it on. I noticed that the screen lights on at non-constant time intervals, perhaps to signal that the battery has been charged an x% more. is it possib...
when the physical keyboard connected in otg is disconnected via the usb adapter, the virtual keyboard no longer appears on the S7 screen. to write a text with the virtual samsung keyboard, the only way to make it reappear is to restart the phone.
After the last update with the february security patch, I found difficulty in hanging up the wifi network from which you have strayed too far to stay connected. when returning to the covered perimeter, the network is not re-hooked. to hang up you mus...
Two improvements in the security patch of October for S7 flat duos: wi fi no longer goes on stand by after 10 minutes of inactivity and especially at almost 2 years from the debut on the market the double icon for outgoing calls was introduced, to ma...
how answer incoming call with a s-voice comand?