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The problem is:1. A folder has the file ".nomedia", so the media files in that folder are omitted in Videos and in the Gallery.2. The ".nomedia" file of that folder is DELETED.3. Videos and Gallery should now show the multimedia files in that folder ...
PROBLEMS WITH GOOGLE DRIVE, GOOGLE PHOTOS AND THE FUNCTION "GET MORE SPACE" OF THE SAMSUNG FILE ADMINISTRATOR.If the following items are ENABLED:1) Have configured and access Google Drive in the system file manager.2) Use Google Photos and have the S...
If the "access to unsafe applications" is canceled in our Google account, Samsung Mail DOES NOT WORK WITH GOOGLE MAILS (GMAIL).This means that the Samsung app uses a security and validation technology that is not at the forefront.Perform the test by ...
Hi. How to make the maintenance assistant not close application? In the battery manager can be added to a list of exceptions of applications that should not be closed, but in the RAM manager can not be (if we do it from the Android options menu it sh...
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